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This Is What I Think You Must Not Miss In Opera For 2019

Here are must-visit Opera concerts for 2019

Be it Sydney, Vienna or New York, one chord joins all these three cities with each other. No, that’s not tourism; it’s Opera. Although there are numerous other cities and countries as well that offer amazing opera theaters and performances, the latter three are considered to be the mecca of opera.

Nevertheless, it’s 2019 and our love for opera is increasing with each passing day. If you’re thinking why we’re emphasizing on out love for opera! We do so because ‘Opera Makes Everyone Happy’.  In fact, it’s scientifically proven that listening to opera helps in boosting the dopamine secretion in the human body that further activates brains pleasure centers. 

So, if you’re convinced! Here’s a list of Opera concerts around the world that you can join:

Lucky Humpers: 2020 and beyond

We are pretty certain that Lucky Humpers and its debut on will be a thing for the whole 2020 and beyond. The sexual battle between generations of experienced MILFs and young rascals is only beginning. You simply must be the very first to acknowledge that and see what really it means. Updated twice a week you don’t need special tickets or permissions to see it, simply visit the website we spoke about above.

Aspen Festival: June 27–Aug 18

It’s the seventieth commemoration of the Aspen Music Festival this year; for which, tickets and subtleties will be accessible from February. It’s considered as one of the oldest running and very esteemed celebrations in the United States. For 2019, the schedule still hasn’t been declared, however, a common eight week long summer season incorporates 400+ traditional music occasions, which includes shows by five ensembles, solo, and orchestral arrangements exhibitions, completely organized musical drama creations, masterclasses, addresses, and what not.

Arena Di Verona Opera Festival: (June 1- Sep 30)

Appreciate a musical drama act in Verona, the setting of Romeo and Juliet and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Experience the rush of musical drama at the Arena of Verona, a standout amongst Italy’s best saved Roman amphitheaters. The area for this acclaimed yearly summer musical drama celebration is the Verona Arena, a Roman amphitheater worked in 30 AD. Exhibitions customarily start at nightfall, and the gathering of people illuminates the night with little candles when the musical show starts.

Opera Festival Of Munich: June 27–July 31

Every year, the celebration repeats the season’s creations and debuts fresh ones. For this year of 2019 unique will be preparations of Handel’s Agrippina and Richard Strauss’ Salome in the lead role. There would be 12 different opera shows that are scheduled to be staged during the festival. Ticket solicitations will be prepared starting from 1st of February.

Salzburg Festival: July 20–Aug 31

The zeal is running in Salzburg for this upcoming summer and for the centennial year of 2020.This musical festival is the world’s most seasoned music celebration and this year it includes an amazing 199 exhibitions at 16 defined venues over a period of 43 days. The current year’s subject is ‘Legends’ and incorporates debuts of Mozart’s Idomeneo and George Enescu’s musical show Œdipe, a long-distance race perusing of James Joyce’s Ulysses and some of the world’s incredible artists.

Barocktage Berlin

The Staats opera Unter sanctum Linden was revived after real rebuilding in late 2017 and a year later this celebration of the Baroque musical show was propelled with three musical shows and 13 shows. It was an immense achievement and its second release will occur coming November. The full program still can’t seem to be listed yet will include works by Henry Purcell and Scarlatti.


Each of these opera festivals will leave you craving for more! That’s our guarantee. Don’t just let 2019 pass by, hop on to a plane, train or bus, book your tickets to one of the above-listed opera theaters and enjoy each and every minute of it.

Trust us! Listening to opera can change the way you see, hear, and feel the world. It’s a feeling you must go through at least ones in your lifetime.

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