OPERA is the ultimate emotional experience since it combines theatre and drama with incredible music


Buildings are empty spaces before they are filled with music and arts


Italian passion in the depth of a drama is something that everyone should experiment


Welcome To Sounds and Fury

I started Sounds and Fury with the idea of sharing my knowledge about opera and possibly try to spread the word around that it is not dead, it is more alive than ever.

Newer generations (as much as my own) have to demystify the role opera and classical music can play in their lives and start thinking they can be a part of it.

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Symphony Hall

Five Opera Houses I Think You Must Visit As A True Lover Of The Art

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Buildings are empty spaces before they are filled with music and arts, but some of the most beautiful opera houses in the world can be stared at for hours just…
Giuseppe Verdi

Exploring The Life Of Verdi And How He Inspired Me

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Verdi is one of the most important Italian composers of all times, but he is also an awesome character that evokes feelings of sympathy and admiration every time I review…
Wolfgang Mozart

Ten Things I Recently Discovered About Mozart

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The prodigal son of music has no more secrets to hide? Well, I recently went a little further in my research (obsession!) and found out ten new things I didn´t…
Classical Music

My Best Authors Of World Class Operas And Their Best Works

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All of us opera lovers have our favorite authors, but if you have heard as much opera as I have, you´ll know what world-class means. So, this can be considered…

Did You Know?

It all started when I heard about Heather in her TEDx Talk. She was born deaf and from a deaf family who embraced the “deaf culture” but she traced a bridge between the “hearing world” and her family. Sometimes I feel the same way about the world because the “opera world” is selective, elitist and nerdy to most people, but not for me. To me it´s full of human sensitiveness and beautiful emotional situations that carve really deep. I want to be that bridge that brings new fans into the opera world so it can grow and be hip again. Sounds and Fury should speak to everyone.
Mozart was such a genius that he could write one of the best pieces known to human kind just two months before dying and make it incredible while hiding lots of Freemasonic elements inside. It can be said that the allegory between the Queen of the Night and Sarastro symbolizes the antagonism between obscurantism and science, between Masonry and the Catholic Church. In fact, it can be read as the timeline of the cultural education of mankind starting at absolute chaos (the serpent) then going through the religious beliefs and superstition (the Queen) to finally arrive to the triumphant enlightenment of science (Sarastro). He did that and most people didn´t even notice; that to me is a genius.
Controversy has landed! The picture taken from this 1840 daguerreotype is supposed to feature Mozart´s widow Constantine with the Keller family. So what is mysterious about that? Constantine was 78 years old in that year and crippled by arthritis (died 2 years later) and there was no way she could have travelled the distance that had to be covered to visit the house of the Keller, yet it clearly shows it is her. There are no traces of that trip ever been done, no expenses to justify it or correspondence to back it up, but if it actually is her, it could open an exciting new line of research.

My Favorite Authors